lundi 21 mai 2012

Switzerland xx

Hello girls!!
I hope you had a great week-end and it was better than mine!!
These are old pictures from my trip in Geneva when I went to visit Jenny.

On thursday it was a day off in Monaco so Me and Ollie (BF) went to the pool... 
The day after I was covered with heat spots and they really itch!! 
Horrible! Its the worst allergic reaction I ever had!
Now, in Monaco, the weather is rubbish, cold and raining! Grrr!
I hope it will improve for the F1 Grand Prix this week-end and my skin will be better too xx

Coucou les girls!!!
J'espère que vous avez passé un bon week-end, meilleur que le mien!!
Voici des photos prises lors de mon dernier week-end à Genève quand je suis allée voir Jenny.

Jeudi dernier, c'était jour férié à Monaco. Je suis allée à la piscine avec Ollie (mon chéri).
Le lendemain, j'étais couverte de petits boutons rouges qui chatouillent sur tout le corps!! 
Diagnostique: allergie au soleil.
Horrible!! La plus grosse allergie que je j'ai eu de ma vie! 
En ce moment, à Mc, le temps est vraiment pourri, froid et pluvieux!! Grr!!
J'espère que tout ira mieux pour ce week-end du Grand-prix et ma peau aussi xx

Jacket/Jeans: Zara
Shoes: New look
Clutch: River Island

24 commentaires:

  1. This look is beautiful! The floral print and neon clutch are rocking my world!


  2. Oh man, these jeans are cropping up everywhere, and now I only want them more. They look so awesome on you, and I love how the dip-dye is so unexpected. You think they're white, then all of a sudden - bam! Blue!

    The jacket is also gorgeous. the colors could liven up any outfit.

    Really unique clutch, too. I haven't heard of River Island, but I'll have to check it out.

    I'm so sorry about your allergic reaction, I hope it cleared up ASAP.


  3. Here in Rome is raining a lot too & cold again...seems november instead of may...I'm really sorry for your allergy, hope your skin improves asap!!!! xoxo

  4. Love your jeans!
    Great style btw... following you!
    Come and visit my blog and follow back if you like!

  5. I loooooooooooove the clutch!

  6. great look!love the jacket!!
    follow you!if you want check out my blog!

  7. I have been wanting these jeans! You styled them perfectly :)


  8. Great blog huni, I am following you now and I would love you to have a look at mine and follow if you like xxx

  9. I also have that amazing jacket! It's one of my favorite pieces ever from Zara!

  10. Love the jacket! Amazing print! X

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  11. You look amazing! I loooove the blouse! xx

  12. Cool look! I am jealous of your clutch. ;)
    x yunes

  13. Great print jacket and clutch! It's all about the prints this summer!

    The i on Fashion

  14. Oh thats funny I'm from switzerland as well but from Zürich ( other side) to bad the weather isn't good. can't wait till summer weather comes!

  15. Loooove that neon clutch! xx


  16. Fantastic post!!!!;D;D

    1. Oh! You look so pretty in your Zara top & jeans. What a beautiful day you had! xx Mandy

  17. Great floral jacket! Really like this look!

  18. Love that blouse!!

    I think taking some calcium is the best against heat spots!! Are you get better really soon!!


  19. great outfit, I adore that clutch!

  20. lovely jacket:)xoxo

  21. Awesome outfit!! I fall in love with your floral jacket, the pattern is really beautiful!! Your clutch and your pants are great,too!! What a perfect match!!

    Hope you visit me on my blog

  22. Sympa l'imprimé de la veste :)