mercredi 7 mars 2012

Kate Lanphear... Muse xx

Kate Lanphear is the Style Director of ELLE US. 
She is a fashion Icon because I don't know anyone else who can wear so much black and never look boring. I always look for her street style pictures during fashion week... 
She is honestly a fashion muse as much as "Queen Anna dello Russo" ;-).
She is always dressed up with cool accessories which puts everything together so well.

Kate Lanphear est la directrice artistique du ELLE US.
Elle est une icône de mode. Je ne connais personne d'autres qui peut porter tout le temps du noir sans avoir un look ennuyant! 
J'essaie toujours de trouver des photos de ses"street style" pendant les fashion week... 
Elle est vraiment une "muse" de la mode au même titre que "La reine Anna dello Russo" ;-).
En plus elle trouve toujours des accessoires de fous qui mettent en valeur son look.

Kate doesn't just wear black. She occasionally adds some white pieces to her look...
Kate ne porte pas que du noir, elle met aussi quelques "touches" de blancs dans ses looks...

She also mixes a lot of vintage pieces into her everyday look when she is not opting for the 15cm Louboutin. She also wears black jeans and either YSL Imperiale boots or Balenciaga and Guiseppe Zanotti edgy booties!

Elle mixe aussi beaucoup de pièces vintages dans ses looks de tout les jours. Quand elle ne choisi pas de porter ses Louboutin de 15cm elle porte des jeans noires avec ses boots YSL Imperiale ou des Balenciaga ou encore Guiseppe Zanotti!

Im in love with her haircut too but Im not sure Ollie, my boyfriend will appreciate it!
I think you have to be really skinny too pull off a tomboy haircut.

Je suis dingue de sa coupe de cheveux aussi mais je ne suis pas certaine qu'Ollie, mon BF apprécierait!
Je pense qu'il faut être très mince pour pouvoir porter une coupe garçonne.



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  1. her style is badass :D
    Love Lois xxx

    1. I didn't know "badass" expression! Now, I understand!! haha xx

  2. Yes, Kate does always seem to bring it when it comes to style! I love that about her, and that she has a bit of that cool girl edge.


  3. Wow! She really does look great! Love her style!

  4. This post is really nice, I like her style so much!!! These photos are amazing!!!
    Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???
    Enter the Romwe giveaway on my blog!

  5. she is so badass. agreed though. you have to be super thin to make that haircut.

  6. I love her too! She has an amazing style! :))


  7. oh yes, absolutely! she is a muse!!!

  8. her hair! so angular and stunning.

  9. Kate's the best!! Love this post :)