samedi 18 février 2012

New York!

It is official, Im "bankrupt"! haha
As I told you before, I went to New York with my boyfriend for the fashion week amongst other things! The program was: some photo shoots of street fashion, shopping and a lot of sight seeing!
Some of you maybe follow me on instagram or twitter!
I have already been to NY 6 years ago with my ex (the worst ever!) and I hated it maybe because I was with him!! Since then, my sister went there maybe 5 or 6 times and she didn't understand how I couldn't like NY! Jenny knows the city really well and even better since she went out with a guy who lived there!! (She always chooses difficult relationships with guys that live far away!!).
This time she gave me a lot of addresses of good places to go. 
My boyfriend who is DJ took me in the best Clubs in town like "Cielo".
I LOVED it and I will definitely go back.
I am addicted to shopping so it was REALLY REALLY REALLY hard for me to not to buy too much in NY! I didn't want that my banker kill me when I come back!
Fortunately it was Saint-Valentines day so my boyfriend bought me a lot of things ;-)

Ca y est, je suis officiellement "Bankrupt" haha!
Comme je vous l'avais annoncé, je me suis rendue à New York avec mon chéri pour la fashion week... entre autres! Au programme quelques photos de "fashion street", du shopping et beaucoup de visites! 
Certaines d'entre vous on pu me suivre via instagram ou twitter!
J'étais déjà allée à New York il y a 6 ans avec mon ex (le pire des ex possible et inimaginable!) et j'avais détesté, peut-être parce que j'étais avec lui! Depuis, ma sister s'y est rendue au moins 5 ou 6 fois et elle n'arrivait pas à comprendre que je ne puisse pas aimer cette ville! 
Jenny connait NY comme ça poche surtout depuis qu'elle est sortie avec ce New-Yorkais (elle s'arrange toujours pour choisir des relations compliquées avec des mecs qui habitent loin de chez elle!!).
Cette fois-ci elle m'a donné plein d'adresses et de lieux tendances! Mon chéri qui est DJ, quant à lui, m'a emmené dans les meilleurs clubs, dont le "Cielo".
Bref, j'ai ADORE!! Je vais y retourner, c'est clair! 
Pour moi, addict du shopping, NY a été TRES TRES TRES dur à vivre sans pouvoir faire de folies shopping! Je ne voulais pas que mon banquier me "tue" quand je rentre!
Heureusement c'était la Saint-Valentin et mon chéri m'a offert plein de choses ;-) 

View from the plane

Gift from Victoria Secret for Valentines


Apollo theatre! Where they all began...

Best place to buy cheap trainers

Even on a wall of 20 floors he is amazing ;-)

Love this vintage denim jacket

The best dressed couple of Saint-Valentines day

I like how she managed all the layers!  

The eye of Chelsea, the place to be for Fashion Week

White is still fashionable this winter

An other stylish blogger! 

Little break on the "Highline" in Chelsea

Some shopping in Sacks

King Kong was there...

All the pictures were taken with my iphone and retouched with the application "Be Funky"! 
Toutes mes photos ont été prise avec mon Iphone et retouchées via l'application "Be Funky"!

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  1. Nice shots! seems you had a lot of fun!

  2. well i want to know everything, where did you eat? where did you sleep!! it is the most magical place in the world!

  3. Wow, your streetstyle pictures are simply amazing! Thanks for sharing :)

    following your lovely blog now!:) follow back?


  4. Oh yessss!!! A smell of New York, exactly what i've needed..
    Fantastic pics but we want all the details and the spicy story of course!

  5. J'ADORE tes photos!! j'espère bien découvrir très bientôt la ville qui ne dort jamais! Je vois que ton séjour a été mouvementé ;0) mais tu as dû adorer ce tourbillon!! Merci pour ce fashion partage ;0) bisous Estelle

  6. Miss NY so much!
    Nice blog here, following you now =)
    Check out mine and tell me what you think, I'll be happy to read your opinion

  7. nice pics!


  8. Très belles photos !
    Ça donne envie d'y aller =)

  9. wonderful pictures. i wasn't in ny before, but for me... i can't wait to see it. in this year we (my husband and i) want to visit it, def.!
    thanks so much for your comment. i wrote you a short email back.
    hope you have seen it.
    i'm following you now, hope you'll do the same for me?!
    lovely greets from an artist to another,
    maren anita

    visit me <3
    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  10. Incredible pics, I miss nyc so much!!!! xoxo

  11. Ahhh, New York! The city where dreams come true ;) Love the pics!