samedi 20 août 2011

White night sea lounge - birthday!

 Hey girls, like I promised you, these are the pictures from my birthday party!
Ollie had to mix this night for one of the biggest parties of the season, the White Night of Sea Lounge. He couldn't refuse to work even if it was my birthday!
My life (BF) was just perfect, first because he organized everything for me (the table, the bottles, 
the bill ;-) second because he put the fire at Sea Lounge!! 
Everybody was dancing, spraying Cristal... He was the best and I promise you 
I don't say this because its my boyfriend, its true!
For my outfit, I thought my white tunique was just perfect for a white party on the beach!! I transformed it into dress (I made a knot at the waist ) and just put a white t-shirt under!

Comme promis, voici les photos de mon anniversaire.
Ce soir là, Ollie devait mixer pour une des plus grosses soirées de la saison, la White night du Sea Lounge. Mon chéri à juste été le meilleur, tout d'abord car il a tout organisé pour moi (la tables, les bouteilles, l'addition ;-), deuxièmement car il a mis le feux au Sea Lounge. 
Tout le monde dansait, les gens se faisait la guerre avec les bouteilles de Cristal. 
Il a été le meilleur et ce n'est pas parce que c'est mon copain que je vous dit ça! ;-)
Pour la tenue, une white party sur la plage, j'ai tout de suite pensé à cette tunique blanche que j'ai transformée en robe, en la nouant et en ajoutant un petit t-shirt blanc en dessous!! 

Stephane, Maryline, Ollie and me

Yeah, sometimes he wants to kill me but I still love me all the time! ;-)

I need some more hours of power walk to look like this! ;-)

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  1. looks like you had an amazing time! love the fact that everything is white, even the decor

  2. Gorgeous dress... and looks amazing with the pop of yellow from your nails!

  3. Thank you very much for visiting me back and for leaving such a sweet message!
    You looked amazing on your birthday, I wish you all the best:D
    Your tunique is beautiful! You did well and wore it as a dress:)
    Thank you very much also for offering information about Brussels! I will surely let you know:):)

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