vendredi 4 février 2011

Des clous, des clous, toujours des petits clous!

This is a quick look that I made in the rush yesterday morning!! I thought that the shoes will put the "crazy touch" to this outfit.
Do you remember these shoes? I bought them on line on the Kandee shoes website here
In fact Im so disappointed because when I opened the box they already had two studs missing on the left shoe before I had even worn them!! After I put them on for just a morning to go to a meeting, so I maybe walked for 15 minutes with them, and when I arrived home I saw that 3 more studs were missing!!
I think I will put them in a nice glass box and have them on the rack in my living room, like a piece of art and I won't touch them anymore!

J'avoue que c'est un look un peu à l'arrache que je vous ai concocté là, je me disais que les chaussures allaient mettre la petite "touch" qui fallait!
Vous vous rappelez de ces chaussures? Je les avais achetées en ligne sur le site de Kandee shoes ici.
En fait, super déçue car quand j'ai ouvert la boîte et que j'ai sorti mes petits trésors, deux clous manquaient déjà, à l'arrière du talon gauche! Je les ai portées juste la matinée, je n'ai rien fait de vraiment spécial (voiture, parking, réunion, retour maison) mais au bout de 4h à peine, déjà 5 clous manquaient! 
Bref, je pense que je vais les mettre sous cloche comme oeuvre d'art, les poser sur mon buffet et ne plus jamais y toucher!

Jacket: Morgan
jumper: No brand (Little shop in Cannes)
Jeans: River Island
shoes: Kandee
bag: Asos

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  1. reply: hi yes is in good location hilton hotel, but there are more cheaper and more hotels in the centre of town, i went to hilton becasue my bf lives in prague so it was only for dinner.

    but you will love prague, there is one bar which i love in the city centre K bar.
    if you ever go for holiday there, send me a text i will be able to help you. been there for 12 times so i know the places. xx

  2. re:thanks for the comment i really like the jacket and the shoes...nice combo

  3. are you serious? thats so sad? You cant complain and get a replacement? I love them! and your jacket is crazy hot

  4. I am in love with your jacket! Great outfit, as always!

  5. hey girl(s). found your blog via Beckerman bite plate. I love your edgy look. it’s like a rock and rolla meets girl style. The color of the sweater softens it. I ABSOLUTELY love the detail on the shoulders and the cut of the jeans, it fits you perfectly. Following you via your blog+ bloglovin.